2015-06-01 14_55_51-Happy Tails Pet Supply & Miniature Dachshunds - 618-521-0159Hi, my full name is HyBanks Sparky, but everyone just calls me Sparky. I’m a little Red Dapple Miniature Dachshund. My birthday is July 18, 2011. I was the first baby my birth Mom ever had, and I was told she was a little confused about how to take care of me. She wasn’t mean to me by any means, but I’m told a little over protective of me. My adopted Mom, who was acting as mid-wife at the time of my birth kept a close watch on me, and decided she would separate me from Mom for my safety for a few hours so she could settle down, and the reality of motherhood set in.

I was put with my Mom every 2-3 hours so I could eat, and be cleaned up. Mom did a great job of feeding, and cleaning me, but she was so protective she would pick me up, and carry me around. My adopted Mom decided for my safety I wouldn’t be allowed to stay with Mom full time, but only at feeding time every 2-3 hours. After about a week of this it was discovered Mom started to dry up, and wasn’t making enough to satisfy me, so adopted Mom decided to feed me with a formula she’s used in the past from a bottle. I really didn’t care for it too much at first, but after a little bit I got the hang of it. I still got to visit Mom for a while after I ate. After a week of the bottle Mom decided she’d had enough. My adopted Mom was doing such a grand job feeding, and cleaning me.

2015-06-01 14_56_12-Happy Tails Pet Supply & Miniature Dachshunds - 618-521-0159That really worked out great, because adopted Mom n Dad wanted to take a road trip with their Grandkids to Arkansas for a day. Adopted Mom put off the trip at first, but decided that since she was doing everything for me anyway, she’d just take me along with them. WOW, only 2 weeks old and already going out on the road. I don’t remember it, but it’s been said I made the trip well. Adopted Mom said we’d stop about every 3 hours to feed me. I got to touch dirt in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, and back to Illinois, all in one day. Boy was I bushed.

At this age I still had to be fed every 3-4 hours, so adopted Mom would plan things around my feeding times. If she knew she wasn’t going to be away more than 3 hours or so she would feed me before she left, then again when she got back home. If she was going to be away longer I got to go with her. I always made sure I was good so I was allowed to go with her. As time went on I did quite well under the care of my adopted Mom and Dad. BTW, I forgot to mention, their names are Debbie, and Tom. I’ve been told it’s not proper to call them by their names, so from here on they’re Mom n Dad. Anyway, as I was saying, I was doing quite well, and things were going great. I heard Mom mention that I seemed to learn things really fast. At about 3 weeks old Mom started putting me on papers(?) after I finished eating. After hearing what a good boy I was after I went potty on the papers(?) I started to get the hang of it.

2015-06-01 14_59_04-Happy Tails Pet Supply & Miniature Dachshunds - 618-521-0159Time seemed to zip by. I turned 4 weeks old, and was sleeping all night , and wasn’t waking Mom up to feed me throughout the night. Before I knew it I was 6 weeks old. Mom started putting some crunchy food in a bowl in for me to check out. It tasted pretty good after I figured out what I was supposed to do with it. Mom also put this thing called a licker bottle on for me to try out. It had water in it that had some stuff called honey(?) in it. It was real good! Even if it IS good for me.

When I reached 6 weeks of age Mom gave me my first vaccination. She said it was for my own good, but…………..anyways, after that Mom started taking me out to the yard for ..housetraining(?) Then she put a playpen for me to play in during the day when it’s nice. At first that green stuff got me. It tickled my belly when I walked. But I soon figured out that this my area. Mom took me out there every once in a while to potty, and before long I started telling her to take me out there. Every time I do it right I get told what a GOOD BOY I AM, and Mom gives me a cookie. Pretty cool, huh.

I am now 17 weeks old, and really lovin’ life. Mom takes me everywhere with her. Everywhere we go people are always telling me how cute I am. Mom and Dad said I couldn’t have a cell phone, but I do have my very own Facebook page @HyBanks Sparky. Since I’m such a big part of their lives now, they have created this page for me on their website so I can let everyone know about all my adventures in my life, and also so all my cousins can stay in touch with me with all their life experiences. Mom and Dad did this for ME. I must be really loved, for sure. Mom says it’s naptime now, so I’ll say good bye and don’t forget to visit my page often to see how I’m doing and read all about the trips we take. For now, Later Gater.


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