It really makes us happy when we get updated pictures of the babies from our extended family. As we receive updated photos, and comments, we will add them to our extended family. Check back often for updates.

Hello Debbie,

Wanted to send you some pictures of Daphne since today she is 4 years old.
Daphne loves to play fetch, hunt down socks my husband has left on the floor and have epic tug of war battles with her brother Ace, and laying with me on the couch (she’s my cuddle buddy). She likes her teeth brushed, well just the toothpaste not the actual act of getting her teeth brushed. She is such a little character, and my husband and I just love her! She’s come a long way from being the bottle fed baby.
miniature dachshund puppiesminiature dachshund puppiesminiature dachshund puppiesminiature dachshund puppies

Hi Debbie,
We can’t thank you enough for bringing this sweetie into our lives! We are in love!
We have named him Märzen Dunkel (aka Almar)?

miniature dachshund puppiesminiature dachshund puppiesminiature dachshund puppies

Ginny is fitting right in ♥️♥️

miniature dachshund puppiesminiature dachshund puppies

Hi Debbie

Lorenzo is a great addition to our family. He already loves to play with the boys and cuddle with mom and dad! He’s not wasting anytime fitting right in

miniature dachshund puppiesminiature dachshund puppiesminiature dachshund puppies

Walter, formally Erhard has already been on many trips and is all settled into his new home with Ted and I. We are SO happy we decided on him and are so in love. We cant thank you enough!

miniature dachshund puppies

Hi Debbie,
Dixon likes goodies I find at

miniature dachshund puppies

Hi Debbie,
A year ago today, these 2 little stinkers came into my life (thanks to you) and I couldn’t be happier. Love both of them so very much!

miniature dachshund puppies

Kara said

Märzen checking out the snow for the first time

miniature dachshund puppies

Cowboy says Hi!!!! best puppy ever!!

miniature dachshund puppies

Hey, just dropping a note to let you know how happy? we are with Murphy! He’s awesome! Will send more pics later!

miniature dachshund puppies

Laurie sent us a picture and said

We are really enjoying Jubal aka Ferdie. He’s full of energy & is keeping us young?

miniature dachshund puppies

.I have 4 baby’s from happy tails enterprises. They are the best mini Doxin breeders caring and loving. My girls are perfect in every way & that’s why am a returning customer one puppy is just not enough the more the merrier in my opinion! Lol!! I’m addicted love my girls! ❤️? DanikaH

miniature dachshund puppiesminiature dachshund puppies

Clara says Evelyn loves gardening. It’s the only time she not get into trouble for digging. Click on the image.

This is Shadoe. Formerly known as Hedda.

She is such a sweet puppy and we love her so much.

She has settled in nicely with the rest of the gang. Her and Buddy are best friends and play all the time!!

Rich C.


I wanted to share a few pictures of Piper, formerly known as Irmgard. She has settled right into our family and we love her! She runs around the house following us around and curious in what we are doing at all times. She loves running around the yard and investigating. She naps on the couch and if someone is sitting on it she makes her way into their lap to cuddle…she loves to cuddle! She went to the doctor recently for her shots and she already gained a tiny bit of weight.

Thank you for everything!

Jessica and Robert
Proud parents of Tyler and Puppy Piper.

Saddie/ jakoba absolutely loves the snow!

Shannon E

Hi Debbie I’ve meaning to send you pictures of Savannah! She’s a little crazy lady ? she’s a big dog in a tiny body! We love her to death! Thank you for giving us such a cutie and sweet doggy ♥️

Meilyn .

Debbie is so great to work with! She’s so patient and will answer any questions you have! Jameson couldn’t be any more perfect! Here’s pics of  Jameson on Christmas, and on his 1st birthday.

Mary M.

Both Hedwig and Heinrich got rave reviews from the Vet today! Love these

Susan H.
Greenville, Michigan

Beautiful, healthy fur babies provided, kept updated and Debbie answered all questions/concerns I had. Wonderful breeder.

Jenny S.

We got our boy Maverick this passed summer! From deposit until pick up we received the cutest update pictures! He is as handsome and as healthy as can be! Staff is very friendly and quick to respond to any requests! Will absolutely be adopting any future babies from here!

Sara M.

Happy Tails is an incredible, reputable, and responsible breeder! You can tell when you get to pick up your doggie son or daughter that each puppy is honestly spoiled, loved, and very well taken care of! I love our little girl Piper, and can’t wait to be ready for another baby soon!

Sandra S.

He’s beautiful and we love him so much!

Krystal W.

This is little Harrison( formerly Hank), he is about 4 and 1/2 months.We love him so much!


Missy M.

Hi Debbie,

Today is Samson’s ‘aka Gotzon’ 1st Birthday. I just wanted to share some pictures with you so you can see how much this little guy has grown since we first brought him home last year! We can’t thank you enough for bringing him into our lives! We love him so much. He is very feisty and thinks he is a Great Dane most of the time. He LOVES tennis balls and the dog park. We took him to obedience classes when he was little and he was the number one graduate in the class! The first picture is the day we brought him home last summer and the second picture is what he looks like now.


We bought our sweet Remington (Baldwin) from you. Yesterday, Remington turned 4 and he’s healthy, adorable and very spoiled. Thank you for keeping him healthy and safe the first 8 weeks of his life. We highly recommend Happy Tails!!

My little Piper aka Hulda and her sister snuggling on the couch!

Katie M.

Clara sent us this pic of little Hanna getting to know her new dad on the way home from picking her up.


Just wanted to send you a follow up on “Hank”. He is such a good puppy and a very good eater. His personality has really come out as he is very playful and full of energy, we love him to pieces. He is doing wonderful and we just wanted to thank you for such a nice puppy. Take care.

Kevin C.

Marissa just sent us a picture of Goose and his achievements. Awesome news.

Our sweet little Reese was an angel on Halloween! These past two years she has brought us so much joy and love, she has quite the personality too! She’s one spoiled pup and loves to play fetch and bathe in the sun! Thanks so much Happy Tails Enterprises!


I can’t believe Oliver turned 2 on the 22 of October .. it’s crazy how fast these 2 years have passed !! Filled with love and happiness being able to come home to my baby and seeing him get all excited from seeing me after being out for 4 hours at school! He has been the highlight of my day and my family’s day ! Thank you for making all this possible ??



Finally a good picture of the three of them! Hobard, Sophie, and little Miss Annie!

Take care,

We just loved Debbie and our experience adopting our little man Wolfie

Anthony D..

Hello Debbie,

I have been meaning to send you a picture of the pups for the longest time, but life has been busy and it is hard to get a good picture of 3 puppies together!

Anyway, the pups are doing great! They go to the vet again next week for another set of shots. They did very well last time and our vet thought they were very healthy.

Their personalities are really coming through and they love to play outside in our backyard. I truly believe they love each other and I am so happy we brought Hobard home too!

Take care,

Max is doing absolutely great!


Hi Debbie,

I hope all is well with you and your family. I’m sorry I haven’t sent any photos of the little diva but time flies. Attached are photos of her at two – four months. Thank you again. We took her to the Walk for Hydrocephalus and about 100 kids lost their minds over her. Kids were begging their parents for puppies just like her. If anybody contacts me I will send them to you.

Actually the 1st one is three months, 2nd is four months, and the last is two months. Chris and Freyja are so crazy about each other. Chris went out of town for two days. Freyja searched everywhere for her. The second day she attacked her shoes.. When we went to the airport to pick her up I thought she was going to lick Chris to death. She hasn’t let her out of her sight for very long since then. She knows how long it takes for a shower and she knows where she’s going based on what door she goes out. Thank you again.


Barny is having his birthday party tomorrow (He’s going to be 4) He might be a bit spoiled, he’s still as stubborn and ornery as the day we got him. But he has more personality than most people we know. And we love him to death. He even has a facebook fan page and almost 900 followers. Barny The Dachshund

Daphne thinks that anytime someone is in the bathroom she is going to get her teeth brushed.

Kim S.

My sweet Kaiser…we got him 3 years ago and he’s still spoiled rotten and my absolute best friend!

Jessica S.

this picture is a few weeks old now and I’ve been meaning to send it to you! We absolutely love our little guy! He is such a good puppy!!!

The McConnell family

I just Love Him – Happy Tails has the best puppies – Our Little Man Wolfie is 5 1/2 months old and We would not trade Him for Anything!!!! Debbie made our experience Fantastic.

Anthony D.

Hey Debbie! Just checking in to see when you might be having another litter. Max is doing so well, and is eager for a playmate!

Mallissa S.

We just received a picture of little Hedda from the Eggmanns a few days ago. Isn’t she a cutie